EMC MultiClanMatch 17/03/2018

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EMC MultiClanMatch 17/03/2018

Postby Cheggie » Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:16 pm

Hi all,

this is our 7th edition of Multi Clan Match, an attempt to gater the whole community to compete against each other for fun.
Date/hour: 17march 8PM CET
Tracks: 4speedtechs/5speeds
Mode: Rounds

How does it work:

*Each clan of TMFU can register their clan(unlimited amount of players) in our custom plugin.
*When a player enters the server, the plugin need to ba activated by clicking START
*Click on your registrated Team(friends can join your clan aswell, we don't lock teams)
*All teams will have teamchat available ( /tc )
*Each round top 5 of your clan finishers will receive points, these points(from all 5 players will be transformed into trackpoints(same as roundspoints).
*When a team reaches 45 trackpoints, the race is over and we go to the next track.

*IMPORTANT*: "ALL players in team have to reach the finish(dont give up when crash) or your team will loose points at the end! Race as a team and finish every round"

After the Match i will add the results inhere and share the link in our server comments.

For register your clan or team ask me ingame or email: emcforeverunited@gmail.com

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Thanks for participating our fun event ! :occasion6:

Good Luck and Have Fun !
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EMC MultiClanMatch 17/03/2018

Postby Danfosqswene » Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:20 pm

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